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MBN Mega Pirates 2017

Greetings Programs... MicroBlaster network is proud to present Mega Pirates 2017!!!

It seems that just about every fall, I get a request for a pirates game and there is usually a pretty good turnout. When I came out of retirement 6 years ago, I gave away $100.00 in a fall tournament. Can you guess what edit I used? I had completely forgotten, but yes it was Pirates and I have decided I am doing it AGAIN!!! You can use the money for anything you want, but that just happens to be the registration fee for a full blown copy of TWGS!

MicroBlaster Network will be giving away $100.00 to the winning player or corporation!!!

--- Game P - Mega Pirates 3x Practice ---
Practice game will be rebanged and reopen Saturday August 5th, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time

--- Game T - Mega Pirates 3x Tournament---
Tournament game Opens Saturday September 9th, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time

Hosted by: MicroBlaster Network TWGSv2.20/TW2002v3.34
Port: 2002

• Unlimited Time
7500 Turns
10K Sectors
• No Delays

• Max FIVE players per corp
• Max
TWO planets per sector
3x Colonist Regen Rate (0.15%)
3x Faster Planet Citadels
3 Day Truce (End of day 3 on the 'v' screen)

• Tournament Mode ON
• Max
3 Days to enter
• Max
20 Deaths
• Death Delay
• Death mode
"Deaths ONLY"
• Duration 30 Days (End of day 30 on the 'v' screen)

Please view the game detail page for additional game settings: ... d=0&game=T

The Mega Pirates 3x edit is based on Res Judicata's Pirates Final TWA
Note: The Dread Flute has been nerfed a little bit, and I may have made some other changes.

TWA Coming SOON!!!

1. Duplicate Accounts

Duplicate accounts will not be tolerated. Any corporation using dupes is in violation of this rule, even if the dupe is not a member of the corp. Bot use (i.e. Mombot) is a form of duping, however it is currently accepted by the community and will be allowed.

a. Duplicate accounts are primarily determined by IP address. One player per IP address.
b. I will be using other methods to detect dupes, including proxy detection.
c. In-game aliases are disabled, so please log in with the alias you want to use.
d. At no time is a player allowed to log into another players account.
e. You may not use Telnet Proxy, Remote Desktop, or any other means to remotely control another players account.
f. I may require email and/or voice validation of suspicious accounts.

2. Player Conduct

We're all here to enjoy games together. Sometimes that can mean arguing with friends over lost battles or a playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. That's fine, but being abusive towards others drains the fun from the game. This is a family oriented game server, and you are expected to behave accordingly.

When engaging in any kind of In-Game or TeamSpeak communication, players will refrain from using offensive material. This applies to player handles, anything that would appear in the daily logs, and the naming of any in-game object such as beacons, ships, planets, ports, etc… This includes ASCII images posted across one or more lines or objects.

Offensive material includes, but is not limited to the following:

a. Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language.
b. Threats, harassment, and Bullying.
c. Language that goes "beyond polite conversation", curse words, and strong language.
d. Explicit or Implied sexual content, graphic nudity, and strong violence.

Remember: "My house is my house. As are its contents." Quark & Brunt.

3. Buyouts

Because of database limitations, it is possible for the game to run out of certain resources. If a player or corporation intentionally buys a resource until the database is full, this is referred to as a buyout. Sometimes a game will run out of resources during normal game play (i.e. Planet Farming), and may not be considered a buyout.

a. Buyouts of any kind are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to Ships and Planets.
b. Trading at ports until they are empty is standard game play, and is not considered a buyout.

4. Mega-Corps

Mega-Corping is allowed and encouraged!

a. Players may freely create, join, or leave corporations at any time.
b. Alliances between corporations are allowed.
c. Information and resource sharing are allowed.
d. Joint attacks against an opponent are allowed.

5. Truce Rules

A truce is a period of time when aggressive activities are forbidden so that players can move, grid, cash, and develop bases without being invaded or accosted by enemy corps. Beacons will be placed at SOL and Stardock as a reminder.

a. Truce will be in effect until the end of day 3 on the "V" settings screen.

b. You may build a single base provided that it is not in a high traffic area.
• Please place a beacon outside your base entrance to warn other players.
• All sectors behind your main entrance, are truce protected.
• If located in a dead end or bubble, your base must not have a backdoor.

c. The following activities are expressly forbidden during truce:
• No Attacking or killing other players or unmanned ships
• No Laying more than 1 fig in non-base sectors.
• No laying armid or limpit mines in non-base sectors.
• No blowing any ports in non-base sectors.
• No photon or cannon use in any sector (including base).
• No planet or ship IG use in any sector (including base).
• No invading or claiming another players planets
• No “mothing” enemy's home sector

d. No Blockades of any kind are permitted:
• No more than 1 fighter may be placed around Fedspace.
• No creating navhaz in or around Fedspace to damage opponents
• No blowing stardock, or any of the class 0 ports

e. Alien combat is permitted. Alien planets, once acquired, and in a home sector, are truce protected.

It is not possible to list everything here, but any aggressive actions or tactics that are not in the "Spirit of a Truce" may be considered a violation and will be handled on a case by case basis. Additionally, all other tournament rules apply during and after the truce ends.

6. Bug use and Hacking

I hate to say this, but anything else allowed by the game will generally be considered legal regardless of how dishonorable a tactic may be. This includes but is not limited to Subspace Crawling, Shield Riding, Backstabbing, Blowing StarDock, and Blockading Fedspace. However, some activities are not allowed, including, but not limited to the following:

a. Intentional bug use is prohibited.
b. Hacking another player’s password is prohibited.
c. Network attacks (i.e. Denial of Service) against the server or another player are prohibited.
d. Any action that results in disconnecting a player from the game.
e. Any action that causes the server to crash.

Bug use is a very difficult area to define and violations will be taken on a case by case basis. For example, Intentional use of the file lock bug is prohibited (i.e. running a "Tag" script). The file lock bug is almost guaranteed to happen during a planetary invasion when both corporations are running offensive and defensive scripts. Since this is unavoidable without applying delays, it is not considered a violation. The defending corporation is at disadvantage if they are AFK at the time of the attack, and should be aware that no penalty will be incurred by the attacker.

Remember: "Any advanced tactic in TW is indistinguishable from cheating" Cern.

I do not personally agree with the attitude that anything allowed by the game is "Fair Play", but in a tournament I feel that we must clearly define any and all tactics that are to be considered violations. I will take into consideration any requests for changes and/or additions to these rules that are emailed to before the start of the game.

7. Penalties and Disqualification

Any player or corporation suspected of breaking these rules may be penalized and/or disqualified, and a single player’s violation may result in a penalty to all corporation members.

a. I cannot see everything that is happening in the game, so most violations must be reported to me by a player.
b. Violations must be reported within 48 hours of the violation, and the accuser must provide logs or other evidence of the violation
c. Each violation will be considered on a case by case basis and may be punished by disqualification, temporary suspension, or permanent ban of the individual player or an entire corporation.
d. Game assets may also be given or taken away if the violation resulted in an unfair loss or gain of such assets.
e. A disqualified player or corporation is not eligible to receive any prize money.
f. My decisions are final, and no additional argument will be tolerated after a decision has been made.

You can contact me by:

Email (
ICQ (12686191)
Teamspeak (
Facebook (

8. End of Game

This is a last corporation standing tournament with a maximum death limit of 20 deaths per player. If there is no clear winner at the end of day 30 on the "V" settings screen, a stalemate will be declared and the winner will be decided by a point system as follows:

a. 25 points for the player or corp with the largest grid.
b. 25 points for the player or corp with the most fighters.
c. 25 points for the player or corp with the most colonist.
4. 50 bonus points for each shielded planet that was created by another corporation, and owned by your corporation at the end of the game.

In the event of a tie, cash in citadels will be used to break the tie.
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