Game Servers (TWGS v2.x)

Moon Base Alpha

Last Update :   01/14/2020 Registered To :   Lee F. Wilson
Telnet : Location :  
Website :   [Unknown] Ventrilo :   [Unknown]
FaceBook :   [Unknown] TeamSpeak :   [Unknown]
GameOP :   [Unknown] BBS :   None Nodes : Type :   TWGS2 Games :   25
Version :   2.20 Players :   3

* = [Days Since Start]/[Defined Game Age]   ** = Unlimited
Note: Days are not adjusted for time since the last update.
ASeattle Sub-Zero12/19/2018391/391 Open 3.34G1 Mps**45000200001
BShawshank Redemption12/19/2018391/391 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**20000200001
CCosmopolis Classic12/19/2018391/391 Open 3.34M1 Mps**75050000
DBohemian's Revenge11/26/201949/50 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**20000200000
EEmpire12/20/201925/26 Open 3.34G1 Mps**600100000
FArt of War 112/20/201925/26 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**1000200000
GGangsters12/01/201944/44 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**20000200000
HHard Rock Cafe V212/19/201926/26 Open 3.34GMT1 Mps**100050000
IChess 212/20/201925/26 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**80050000
JPlanet Farm12/19/201926/26 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**300200000
KStar Trek12/19/201926/26 Open 3.34G1 Mps**60000200001
LStar Wars12/20/201925/26 Open 3.34G1 Mps****200000
MMoon Patrol12/30/201915/15 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**100050001
NNeighborhood212/30/201915/15 Open 3.34G1 Mps600 Min20000200001
OBattlestar Galactica (2)12/30/201915/15 Open 3.34G1 Mps**8500200000
PAlmira Alien Retribution 12/17/2018393/393 Closed 3.34G1 Mps**25000200001
RAlien Retribution12/01/201944/44 Open 3.34G1 Mps**25000200001
SSpaceBalls12/30/201915/15 Open 3.34GM1 Mps****200003
TThe Birds Nest (2)12/30/201915/15 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**30000200000
UUSO412/19/201926/26 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**80050000
VStargate SG106/01/20064975/4975 Open 3.34G1 Mps**5500200001
WWild West12/29/201916/16 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**100050001
XWISM12/29/201916/16 Open 3.34GM1 Mps**150050000
YBabylon 512/30/201915/15 Open 3.34G1 Mps**5500200001
ZPoker Run12/30/201915/15 Open 3.34G1 Mps**10000100000

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