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Wildcat's Castle

Last Update :   09/24/2022 Registered To :   Wildcat's Castle BBS
Telnet : Location :  
Website : Ventrilo :   [Unknown]
FaceBook :   [Unknown] TeamSpeak :   [Unknown]
GameOP :   Lonnie Hoyman BBS :   Wildcat Nodes : Type :   TWGS2 Games :   11
Version :   2.20 Players :   8

* = [Days Since Start]/[Defined Game Age]   ** = Unlimited
Note: Days are not adjusted for time since the last update.
ATradeWars 200202/13/20123876/3876 Open 3.341 Mps360 Min100010008
BTradeWars 2002 Tournament12/31/20133189/3189 Open 3.34GMT1 Mps360 Min**100001
CStargate Atlantis 201409/03/20142943/2943 Open 3.34G1 Mps360 Min1000300002
DTradeWars 2002 Game #208/03/20142974/2974 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300004
EUFO Space Station08/10/20152602/2602 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300002
FMars Base08/11/20152601/2601 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300000
GMoon Base03/06/20162393/2393 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300000
HStar Wars 201603/06/20162393/2393 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300001
IStar Trek08/20/20171861/1861 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300000
JTradeWars 30K Game 308/30/2020755/755 Open 3.34GM1 Mps360 Min**300005
KFunsville10/31/2021328/328 Open 3.34GM1 Mps****300005

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