When I saw the announcement on EIS for the 25th anniversary edition of the game, I decided port my 15 year old helper to C#/WPF4. It is not quite ready for the general public, but I hope to release a preview soon.

Weapon M

Weapon M is a new java helper by Mongoose.


Swath is widely considered to be the best TradeWars helper there is, and has won numerous awards to prove it. It is available for both Windows and Linux.


Attac is a popular helper by Zev Beckman with an impressive feature set including Auto-Explorer, Mega Jettison, Bubble Finder, Graphical Mapper, Port Reports, and user scripting compatible with ZOC scripts.

TWX Proxy

"The Veteran's Trade Wars Helper". TWX Proxy is designed as a proxy server - meaning that instead of acting as a telnet program would, it sits in-between a telnet program and the trade wars server.
Windows 7 Version:

TWX Proxy Pro

Based on ElderProphet's TWX Proxy, this version was maintained by Remco Mulder and the TWX Proxy group. Development appears to have stopped with the release of v2.11 on May 23th, 2005.


Mombot is the most used corporate utility for TWXProxy.

ZedPack scripts and Z-Bot

A nice collection of TWX scripts by Archie.

Helix's TW2002 Info Page

There's a nice collection of script packs here for TWX Proxy, Zoc, Swath, and other helpers.

NavHaz Junction

NavHaz Junction has MomBot and other TWX scripts.

The Reverend

The Reverend has written a collection of ZOC/Rexx scripts that are very popular.


TWAR was one of the best helpers around before Windows. Unfortunately, it hasn't been supported since 1998, after the initial Windows release of the program.

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