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MBN Fall Tournament 2011

Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of Fall, and MBN will be hosting its first tournament the following weekend.

The winning corporation will receive $100.00, that's right, a Benjamin Franklin to split with your corpies. It also happens to be the registration fee for a fully loaded TWGS. No entry fee is required!!! Email if you have any questions or feedback

Tournament Rules

1. Start Date and Entry

a. The tournament will begin September 9th at 8PM Eastern Daylight time.

b. No entry fee is required to enter this tournament.

c. Registration and/or validation are not required.

d. Team membership does not have to be declared at any time.

e. Individual players may join the game at any time during the first 3 days.

f. No entry will be permitted after the 3rd day.

2. Game Settings

a. This will be a 30K sector universe with 2500 turns per day and a 3 day turn bank.

b. Extern will run at Midnight Eastern Time. Note: The server’s local time is set to the Easter time Zone, even though it is physically located in Oklahoma.

c. The server will be closed from 11:55PM to 12:10AM each night for Extern and other maintenance.

d. *** WARNING *** Although I started with the Pirates TWA by Res Judicata. This edit has been significantly modified for this tournament

e. Due to a collapse in the economy, inflation has run ramped. Everything is more expensive than usual and you will start out with much less. Inflation has resulted in an unusual increase in robbery and theft. As a result, all ports have been forced to step up security. Ports have also been hardened with the new BigBang port hardening option.

f. Planets will also cost more, and take longer to build.

g. Well, there are a few other surprises that you will just have to find out for yourself. I want this tournament to be interesting, but I hope I haven’t gone too far and made an unplayable edit. Good luck to everyone as this modified edit has never been played by anyone. I am not going to disclose the TWA, but you can view setting details at

3. Duplicate Accounts

a. There shall be no duplicate accounts. One player per IP address with no exceptions.

b. At no time is a player allowed to log into another players account.

4. Corporations

a. There is a maximum of 3 players per corporation.

b. There is no minimum corporation size.

c. Megacorps will not be tolerated.

i.  A Megacorp is defined as two or more corporations working together. This includes but is not limited to sharing cashing sectors, providing protection, sharing information, sharing assets, and coordinated attacks against another corporation.

ii. Corporations engaged in a nonaggression agreement against each other or a mutual enemy is not a violation of this rule.

d. All corporations must be formed by the third day, and all players are required to join a corporation.

e. Once a player joins a corporation they are not allowed to join a different corporation.

f. When a corporation looses a player, that player cannot be replaced by another player.

5. Player Conduct

a. All players will refrain from offensive language regarding race, sex, or religion in any form of in-game communication and on the TeamSpeak server. This also applies to player handles, and the naming of any in-game object such as beacons, ships, planets, ports, etc…

b. Hacking another player’s password is prohibited.

c. Bug use is prohibited. This is a very difficult area to define and violations will be taken on a case by case basis

d. Buyouts of any kind are not permitted.

e. Anything else allowed by the game will be considered legal regardless of how dishonorable a tactic may be. This includes but is not limited to Subspace Crawling, Shield Riding, Backstabbing, Blowing StarDock, Blocking Fedspace, AFK scripts, Botting, etc...

NOTE: I don’t personally agree with the attitude that anything allowed by the game is "Fair Play", but in
a tournament I feel that we must clearly define any and all tactics that are to be considered violations.

I will take into consideration any conduct requests that are emailed to before
the start of the game.

6. Penalties and Disqualification

a. Any player suspected of breaking these rules may be penalized and/or disqualified

b. I cannot see everything that is happening in the game, so most violations must be reported to me by a player.

c. Violations must be reported within 48 hours of the violation, and the accuser must provide logs or other evidence of the violation

d. Each violation will be considered on a case by case basis and may be punished be temporary suspension or permanent removal of the player or corporation.

e. A single player’s violation may result in a penalty to all corporation members.

f. Violators may also be disqualified and un-eligible to receive any prize money.

g. My decisions are final, and no additional argument will be tolerated after a decision has been made.

7. End of Game

a. In the event the tournament exceeds 60 days, overtime will be declared, and Turns per Day will be doubled to 5000.

b. This is a last corporation standing tournament with a maximum death limit of 20 deaths. In the event the tournament exceeds 90 days, a stalemate will be declared and the winner will be decided by a point system as follows:

i. 1 point for every sector with at least 1 corporate fig.

ii. 10 points for every kill minus 1 point for every death.

iii. 50 points for each shielded planet owned by your corporation at the end of the game.

iv. 200 additional points for each shielded planet that was created by another corporation, and owned by your corporation at the end of the game.

v. 500 additional points for each L6 Class U "Dead Star" planet that was created by another corporation, and owned by your corporation at the end of the game.
Note: The L6 build time has been reduced so that this citadel can be built before the tournament ends.

vi. 1 point for each 1 million fighters on planets. (Rounded down to the the lowest million)

vii. In the event of a tie, cash in citadels will be used to break the tie.

c. Any attempt to artificially inflate your score will result in large point penalties.

8. Prize Money

a. The winning corporation will receive $100.00.

b. The $100 will be split evenly between all corporation members.

c. Payment will be made by money order.

d. Each teammate must provide a mailing address to receive payment.

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