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Recent BigBangs* = [Days Since Start]/[Defined Game Age]   ** = Unlimited
Note: Days are not adjusted for time since the last update.

ServerGame BigBangDays*TypeVersionTimeTurnsSectorsPlayers
The Sprawl A08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G **200001
The Sprawl B08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG 5000200000
The Sprawl E08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G **200000
The Sprawl F08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G **200002
The Sprawl I08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G **200001
The Sprawl K08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG 150050000
The Sprawl M08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G 5000200000
The Sprawl N08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G **200000
The Sprawl X08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG 2500200000
The Sprawl Y08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13G 5000100000
The Sprawl S08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG 65000200003
The Sprawl T08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG **200000
The Sprawl U08/23/20192/2 Closed 3.13MG 10000100000
The Sprawl O08/23/20192/2 Open 3.13MG **200000
Vid's World on Guam D08/21/20194/4 Open 3.34G**10000200003
Vid's World on Guam F08/21/20194/4 Open 3.34GM480 Min**100003
Viper's Pit T08/17/20198/8 Closed 3.13MGT 25002000018
Chaos Y08/16/20198/8 Open 3.13MG 25002000012
Chaos W08/13/201911/11 Open 3.13MG 25002000021
Chaos X08/13/201911/11 Open 3.13MG 25002000021
eXiled X08/09/201916/16 Open 3.34GM****300003
eXiled Z08/09/201916/16 Open 3.34GM****300006
Trahern's Tavern G08/07/20195/5 Open 3.34G**65520200001
eXiled A08/04/201921/21 Open 3.34GM180 Min1000100000
eXiled B08/04/201921/21 Open 3.34G360 Min3000200003
eXiled C08/04/201921/21 Open 3.34G420 Min**300006
eXiled D08/04/201921/21 Open 3.3460 Min25010000
eXiled E08/04/201921/21 Open 3.34GM120 Min75050002
Vid's World on Guam J07/31/201925/25 Open 3.34G****300005
Vid's World on Guam N07/31/201925/25 Open 3.34GM**3000200003
Vid's World on Guam C07/31/201925/25 Open 3.34GM**3000200002
TradeWars League Y07/27/201929/14 Open 3.34GM**2500200002
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