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TradeWars 2002 is an obsession for me, so I hope you like my website as much as I enjoy maintaining it,
but I need your help to keep the site online. Anythging you can donate is greatly appreciated.
Bulletin Boards (BBS)

AT2k Design 03/10/2013VADV32BBS 11
Colossus 11/28/2001WWIVBBS 11
ConstructiveChaos BBS  SynchronetBBS 00
Convolution 05/15/2029SynchronetBBS 14
Diamond Mind WWIV 12/04/2011SynchronetBBS 157
Legends of Yesteryear  VADV32BBS 11
MemphisTW  SynchronetBBS 00
Moon Base Alpha 01/02/2024VADV32BBS 12
Sursum Corda!  MaximusBBS   
theviperbbs  SynchronetBBS 00
Veleno BBS  SynchronetBBS 00
Vertrauen  Synchronet   
Wildcat's Castle 12/23/2011WildcatBBS 15
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